About Me

My name is Michael Ayvazyan. I’m a programmer. Working remotely for the Compellotech for the last 8 years. (yeah, time flies!)

In this blog I try to highlight interesting things about software development tools, practices, patterns, etc.

I hold Open Source in high respect. Actually way back into Apr 17 2009 I published a tiny Database Access Library Ndb Library. It was developed in Test First Development in mind and it implements code-centric  approach to work with Database. I don’t work on it anymore since Entity Framework team shipped EF Code First as a part of the Entity Framework 4 release. Ndb Library was designed to work with different database engines (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SqLite, MSSQL Server are supported). In the same time it’s pretty easy to add other engines.

There is another small open source project MSBuild.Scaffolding I published on Dec 8 2012. It allows to prepare solution for CI build using single Enable-Versioning command.

If you are looking for details on my professional experience LinkedIn has up to date information. Also you might find it convenient to start with infographic summary.