1. ASP.NET MVC 4 Roadmap

    ASP.NET MVC 4 Roadmap is out there! There are so exciting themes such as simplify development process for the tablet and mobile devices (HTML5), make it easier to deploy and hosting MVC application in the cloud (such as on Windows Azure) etc. …

  2. Stateless. A C# Hierarchical State Machine.

    Today I finally got some time to research Stateless And you know, it’s awesome! Key features:

    • Generic support for states and triggers of any .NET type (numbers, strings, enums, etc.)
    • Hierarchical states
    • Entry/exit events for states
    • Guard clauses to support conditional transitions
    • Introspection
    • Ability to store state externally (for example, in a property tracked by Linq to SQL)
    • Parameterised triggers
    • Reentrant states
    Let's consider the following example (it's available in the Stateless source code). …

  3. ASP.NET MVC Profiler

    Just reviewed simple but effective mini-profiler for ASP.NET MVC 3. As for me it’s most useful feature is Database profiling. It’s supports Entity Framework and Linq-2-SQL out of the box. So please don’t hesitate and give it a look Подмигивающая рожица

  4. Why Software Fails

    Just read very interesting article about why software fails written back in 2005. If you are working on IT projects I’m totally sure you’ll find it worth to checkout. …

  5. People and Methodologies in Software Development

    Just read People and Methodologies in Software Development by Alistair Cockburn. Key conclusions:

    1.  The members establish conventions for their interactions — a base methodology — at the start of the project. This can be likened to them "programming" themselves. 2.  They then perform their jobs in the normal scurry of project life, often getting too caught up to reflect on how they are doing. 3.  They schedule regular periods of reflection in which they reconsider and adjust their working conventions. These results have been used successfully on several industrial projects having the usual time and cost pressures on the staff.
    There are interesting descriptions of the word methodology:
    It is the roles, teams, skills, processes, techniques, tools, and standards used by the project team
    If it is what one or two people do while working on a task, it is technique. If it is what the team uses to coordinate their work, then it's methodology.
    Any conventions and policies the team relies on to successfully deliver systems

  6. Signal & Noise

    Yesterday I took a look at the interesting research - Notifications and Awareness: A Field Study of Alert Usage and Preferences. The aim was to discover the influence of the desktop (Email) notifications on the productivity. As I undestood the conclusion is that users are able to determine if an notification is urgent and needs an immediate response. So if user is working on an ongoing task which requires full concentration, in most cases he\she will decide to put notification aside and will continue his\her work. …

  7. Agile Charts. Are we on time? Are we on budget?

    I’ve just read about Time and Budget Charts proposed by John Rusk on June 30, 2005. Here is the idea:

    <p>As you can see it gives answers to the following very important questions:</p>  <ul>   <li>Are we on time?</li>    <li>Are we on budget?</li> </ul>

  8. Kanban – definitely worth considering!

    I just finished reading a Kanban vs Scrum practical guide. And you know, I’m really excited with Kanban. It’s main aim is to visualize the working process. Also I can see the following principal advantages of Kanban (versus Scrum):

    • Specialist teams allowed.
    • Can add new items whenever capacity is available
    • Estimation optional.
    • Iterations optional. Can have separate cadences for planning, release, and process improvement. Can be event-driven instead of iterative.

  9. Test Doubles classification

    If you don’t know the difference between a Mock Object and a Test Stub, probably it’s good idea to checkout Test Double article at the http://xunitpatterns.com.  

  10. New Url

    Today at a long last I found some time to move my blog to the  new domain - ayvazyan.net. From now I hope to allocate a little more time to blog so stay tuned Подмигивающая рожица